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Wire wrapped jewelry items are wrapped using various gages of gold filled or sterling silver wire. They are wrapped so there is no front or back to the piece. In most cases, especially with ammonites, the only difference is the inside of the fossil and the outside. They are wrapped with a minimalist approach so that the piece is showcased not the wire wrap. As with an oil painting the frame should not overshadow the painting or the piece overshadow the frame. They should compliment each other. That is what we try to do with our wire wrap designs.

Wire wrapped - Arrow-head Necklace
Wire wrapped - Arrow-head Necklace Quantity in Basket: None
Code: OJ-110
Price: $225.00
Shipping Weight: 0.50 pounds
  • The arrow-head pendant is made using a 3 inch quartzite(?) arrow head.
  • The necklace is 21 inches, uses stabilized turquois nuggets accented with gold filled fluted beads and is finished off with a gold filled toggle clasp.

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