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Our fossil sets are used by colleges for course study and by individuals interested in learning about fossils. They can be found in museum and other gift shops. Grade school and home school parents like the sets that include the colored time chart and "An Introduction to Fossils" booklet. We currently have four different size offerings in our fossil sets. We have 12, 25, 50, and 100 piece fossil sets. They are available with or without a full-color geological time chart and "An Introduction to Fossils" booklet. Each set builds upon the one before it. So, everything that is in the 12 piece set is in the 25 piece set and everything that is in the 25 piece set is in the 50 piece set and so on. Additionally, we are always working on a larger set. Check out our web site periodically to see if changes have been made to existing sets or if a larger set has been made.

The fossils in our sets are each placed in a separate bag with a label which gives the common name, Latin name, classification, time period, age, and the location the fossil is from. Some sets, which you may find, glue the fossil in the bottom of a display box. This is a fine way to display your fossils after you are finished studying them. Most kid's and adults, are tactile. They need to touch things in order to learn. That is why they are always touching things. Plus, you are missing half the detail of the fossil if it is glued in a box.

The sets without the colored time chart and booklet have a 4x5 inch card with a small time chart and introduction to fossils printed on it. The sets that do have the 39.5 inch full-color time chart also have "An Introduction to Fossils" booklet which is about 22 pages long. The booklet is written in a language which you don't need a degree to understand. It is written at about a 10th grade level (the same as newpapers). But you could read the first paragraph to a five year old and they would understand it, for the most part. The first paragraph discusses what it takes to make a fossil. The next three pages talk about fossil lore. The three following pages are given to a discussion of the time chart, what plants and animals appear in which period and how old thay are. The next twelve pages discuss the classification process, which plants and animals are grouped into the different classes and why. The next page and a half wraps up the discussion on fossils. Our updated booklet now includes drawings and photos. The last two and a half pages give the reference materials used to identify the fossils in the set and to prepare the booklet.

Our sets are available at retail and wholesale prices. If interested in wholesale please contact us regarding volumes and pricing.