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Brazil calcite and quartz
Perchoerus - peccary
Dinosaur Eggshell
Crocodile teeth
Trematochamsid crocodile
Ginglymostoma moroccanum
Fossil Egg Shell
Elrathia kingii - fossil trilobite
Bivalves - France

Photos are of a two lamp unit. Single lamp units will have a single on/off switch and the underside will display a single pane of glass for the light. A standard plug for 110 will be used to supply power to the unit.

This unit is currently no longer available. It has been combined with the short and long wave unit.

9 Watt, Mid-wave, 110 volt
9 Watt, Mid-wave, 110 volt Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 9M-110
Price: $0.00
Shipping Weight: 5.43 pounds
AC Field Unit
Lamps: 9 watt mid-wave.
Dimensions: Box: 3-1/2"H x 6"W x 8"L (additional 2-3/4"H for handle)

Dimensional information may change without notice due to manufacturing changes.

Caution should be exercised when using ultraviolet lights. Improper use can result in sunburn to eyes and skin. You should not look directly at the short and mid-wave lights, nor expose your skin for prolonged periods of time. The damage which usually results for short wave to the eyes is that the cornea gets sunburned. They feel raw and like there is sand in your eyes. The outer layer will peel the same as a sunburn to your skin. Exposure to mid-wave ultraviolet light can burn the retinas. Of the three different wave lengths the long wave is the least harmful. But, depending upon how closely the wave length is to the mid-wave length, it can have the same results as exposure to mid-wave ultraviolet light. There has been a study which indicates that children under the age of twelve may develope macular degeneration of the retinas later in life due to exposure to long wave fluorescent lights. The amount of exposure was not discussed (probably more than just a little). Exposure of the skin to short and mid-wave ultraviolet light can result in a sunburn just as you would get from the sun.

Keep in mind that the light being reflected off the fluorescent minerals is still strong enough to cause damage, as well. To prevent problems from using ultraviolet lamps and displaying fluorescent minerals, it is important to display and view fluorescent items behind UV blocking safety glasses or behind UV blocking plexiglass. Regular glass will not work. To determine if your glasses or plexiglass blocks the UV rays or not, place the plastic close to the mineral and shine the light over the mineral and plastic. The portion of the rock directly below the plastic will remain dark, while the rest of the rock will fluoresce.

The fluorescent light units which we offer are manufactured by "Way Too Cool." Why should you be interested in "Way Too Cool" lights? The creator is a collector just like you. He wanted to get the most from his lights for the money just as you do. Most fluorescent lights allow for 92% of the UV light to pass through the bulb which tapers off evenly over the life of the bulb to about 53% at the end of the bulb's life. "Way Too Cool" lights start out allowing about 88% (4% less than the other lights) of the UV light to pass through the bulb at the beginning and tapers off to about 80% at the end of life. So, the other bulbs out perform "Way Too Cool" units for the first 20% of their life and for the remaining life (80%) they are lower performing. How long is the life of the bulbs? About 10,000 hours. So, 8,000 hours of an underperforming bulb, in other lights, is not a very good deal. Of course the life of a unit is affected by many variables, some of which are: how many hours the unit is run, how many times the unit is turned off and on (50,000 times are estimated for "Way Too Cool" units), whether the unit is allowed to overheat (which can substantially shorten the unit life - larger units have fans to minimize this issue).

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