Mexico Fluorescents

We will be adding a few more minerals from Mexico in the coming months.  Some of our calcite will be either a white calcite which fluoresces pink under

long wave ultraviolet light and light blue under short wave ultraviolet light or a yellow-white calcite which flouresces a creamy yellow under long wave and

a whiter creamy yellow with a greenish-blue tint under short wave.  The fluorites from one of the locations in Mexico are fairly rare, and one of the few

fluorites that fluoresce red under long wave ultraviolet light.  Again the smithsonites from this Mexico location are fairly rare, due to the fact that they

fluoresce.  Not all smithsonite fluoresces.

Due to limitations of the web site software we are unable to show each of the minerals available under normal light, long wave ultraviolet light, and short

wave ultraviolet light.  We will attempt to compensate for this short coming by providing a link to another page below which will give you photographs of

similar specimens under the three lighting conditions.

We are limited to using only two photographs for the individual specimens being offered for sale.  The first one you see will be the one which offers the

strongest fluorescence.  Whether it is long or short wave will be indicated in the discussion of the specimen at the lowest level (after you click on the

image or the product name).  If only one type of light will fluoresce the specimen or a second fluorescent image is not available, then a photo of the

specimen in normal light will be used at the lowest product level.

To view specimen material from Mexico.