Original casting fossils

Most of the fossil casts on this site were molded from fossils which were borrowed.  In some cases the actual fossils are available for sale.  If so, a price will be indicated with the fossil image.  If not or if the fossil has been sold the price will be zero and a message will indicate the status of the fossil.  Some of the fossils are from our own private collection.  Unfortunately for us (and fortunate for you), our pockets are not as deep as we would like them to be and we must make them available for sale.  The prices will be listed beside the image for those which are available for sale.  If the fossil is not available for sale yet or has been sold, it will list a price of zero and the status will be indicated.

Our goal with this page is to showcase the original fossil specimens and give you a heads up on what to look for in the future with respect to replicas.

To see a side by side comparison of original specimens and their replicas please click on the following page link:  Original/Replica Comparative.