Replica catalog

Fossils are proof that some of the world's most beautiful artwork comes from nature itself.  Our goal at PaleoImages is to offer museum quality fossil replicas at

reasonable prices.  Each replica is cast using lightweight and durable materials (high-density polyurethane foam or resin) and is hand painted with artist oils and

stains, to achieve a realistic finish.  You will find that PaleoImages' replicas work great for display, reference, or as teaching aids.  Since each piece is hand painted

with artist oils and stains, each one is an original painting.  Our canvas just happens to be in the shape of a fossil.

We use resin and resin based materials for all of our casts.  We do not use or sell any plaster casts.  Plaster is a sub-quality material when compared to resin

based materials.  Resin is more durable and takes paint better, for a more realistic finish, than plaster and is therefore a superior medium for our products.

In order to help control our overhead costs we are loading our catalog onto our website, where it will be available, in full color, to everyone.  The printed full color version

of the catalog currently costs us about $4.00 each and the black and white is about $1.00 each.  Both are too expensive to hand out and have those who aren't really

interested just throw them away.  This allows those who are interested to down load a full color catalog when ever they desire.  Also we will try to keep it updated with

all the latest pieces, usually at least two per year, which we can't do with the printed versions.  With the printed versions you have to hand out all those which have

been printed previously before printing new ones even if you have several new pieces in the new version.  So, with printed copies you never truely have a current

catalog available.   

Our catalog contains pieces which we produce and casts from other sources (but only if we paint the casts).  Therefore the skulls which we sell, which are cast and

painted by other manufactures, are not included in the catalog.  We do have three skulls which we produce that are in the catalog.  They are the Hoplophoneus,

Hyaenodon, and Perchoerus (peccary) skulls.

To view and print our catalog, click on the link below.  This is an eleven page catalog, so it will take a minute or so to come up.  We hope you find the catalog useful

and as always we encourage your feedback regarding the catalog or any other part of the web site.  Enjoy!

Click here to view and download the catalog.