Fossil Woods

Most of our slabs are Araucaria species from Holbrook Arizona.  The key features to look for when looking at slabs are:

     *  Is the piece a full round, with bark on the exposed edge?

     *  Does the piece show at least one heart (the center of the tree)?

     *  Are there growth rings showing?

     *  Can the cell structure be found, between the growth rings (for identification purposes)?

     *  What colors are represented on the piece?  This is more up to an individuals taste.  Most people are looking for a full rainbow in the piece

        (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple).  Others may be looking for a particular color scheme for decorating purposes.

The bulk of our bookends are made of fossil tree fern (Tietea singularis) from Araguaina, Tocantins, Brazil.

This page has been set up to expedite your search for fossil woods.  They will be sorted by location.