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Great news, we relocated about two years ago and have been out of pocket as far as the web site goes since.  We are currently in the  process of adding two years of product and we have some fantastic additions.  Please visit often to see how the progression is going.  Have you found the new items and pages yet?  There are many of them!  Thanks for visiting our site and enjoy the hunt!

TLZ Enterprises, LLP was started in 2001.  We provide educational materials related to the paleontological sciences.  Our goal is to provide quality products at reasonable prices.  In late 2003 TLZ Enterprises, LLP acquired PaleoImages.  They produced a line of museum-quality fossil replicas (27 specimens).  This line of products fit well with our existing products and we will expand the line as we are able to obtain specimens suitable for casting.  We currently have over 60 specimens (including the original 27 acquired specimens and a couple which we purchase from other manufacturers).  Our goal with this product line is to add at least two specimens per year.  Be sure to watch for them.

Our products are:  fossil replicas, fossils, fossil sets, custom fossil jewelry, and a line of clothing geared towards rockhounds in general.  The fossil replica line of products will include products which we manufacture and those made by other companies.  Up to 2009, the replicas which we manufacutred were flat backed pieces (with and without frames) that may be hung on a wall or placed on a stand.  As of 2009, we have begun adding three dimensional pieces (starting with our own skull of a Hyaenodon).  Our pieces are trademarked as PaleoImages.  We also carry a few pieces manufactured by other companies.  All of our pieces and those from other companies use resin based materials.  We do not use or sell plaster casts.  Plaster is a substandard material when compared with resin.  All of our casts are copyrighted.  Copyright infringements will be pursued legally.

Presently, our fossil offerings are limited to ammonites, trilobites, teeth (Moroccan and South Dakota), wood, fossil sets, and a few of the originals which we made our molds for casting from.  We also offer some cutting material (turritella agate, petrified wood, and fossil algae), and bulk fossils which we also use in our fossil sets.  Our fossil sets are being used by colleges for course study and by individuals intetrested in learning about fossils.  Grade school teachers and home school parents especially like the sets with the color time chart and "An Introduction To Fossils" booklet.  We presently have four different offerings in fossil sets.  They are 12, 25, 50, and 100 piece sets.  They may be purchased with or without the time chart and "An Introduction To Fossils" booklet.  We are always working on improving the fossil sets.  Some pieces get replaced when supplies of a given piece become hard to find.  The 75 piece set has been recently expanded to a 100 piece set.

At present, all of our jewelry items are custom wire wrapped pieces.  Customers may select available pieces or request similar pieces with modifications where possible.

Our clothing line was created with the rockhound in mind.  The garments are well made and practical.  Each piece bears the Lithacanis trademark.  Lithocanis is Latin for rockhound (Litho-for stone or rock, and canis-for dog or hound).  By adding americanus to the Lithocanis name we create a species name:  Lithocanis americanus (American rockhound).  This species name can be modified to fit your needs for a fee if you are interested (see the discussion in the clothing section).  The following, and their derivatives, are trademarks of TLZ Enterprises, LLP:

     *  PaleoImages

     *  Lithocanis

     *  Lithocanine

     *  Litho K-9

     *  Petracanis

     *  Petracanine

     *  Petra K-9

In 2009 we also added fluorescent minerals to our product offerings.  This seemed like a logical addition since, due to replacement minerals, some fossils fluoresce.  This line will also be expanded as specimens can be obtained.  We finally added fluorescent equipment early in 2010.

Originally we thought about telling customers where we had added new items and information.  Upon further consideration we felt it would be more fun for the customers to seek out the new information and items; sort of like a treasure hunt.  We currently have enough ideas, information, and specimens to cover the next twelve months of additions.  And that gives us enough time to find more things for the following months.  We hope that you enjoy the hunt as much as we have in trying to find more things for you to enjoy.  Happy hunting!

Some of our customers have expressed an interest in how we create our products.  By clicking on the highlighted pages below we will try to share some of that information with you.

     *  How we created our Manchurochelys mold.

     *  How we created our Placenticeras meeki mold.

     *  How we created our Macroelongatoolithus mold.

     *  How we created our Oviraptor nest mold.

     *  How we created our Bird?/Theropod mold.

     *  How we created our Hyaenodon mold.

     *  How we created our Borealosuchus mold.

     *  How we created our Araucaria limb with cones mold.

     *  How we created our Perchoerus mold.

.    *  How we created our Scyphocrinites mold.

     *  How we created our Pararaucaria limb with cones mold.

     *  Our casting process.

     *  Our paint room.

     *  Decorating with replicas and fossils.

Yours truly, "Living the dream."

Original Manchurochelys

Wire wrapped "butterfly" ammonite necklace

Lithocanis™ americanus clothing

Fluorescent minerals

Replica mold & original meeki

Fossils that got away.


Other Paleo Artists.