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Fluorescent fossils, minerals, & lights

Great news, we relocated about two years ago and have been out of pocket as far as the web site goes since.  We are currently in the  process of adding two years of product and we have some fantastic additions.  Please visit often to see how the progression is going.  Have you found the new items and pages yet?  There are many of them!  Thanks for visiting our site and enjoy the hunt!

Welcome to TLZ Enterprises. Our goal is to offer quality products at reasonable prices. Our museum-quality, research grade fossil replicas (sold under the PaleoImages™ name) are cast with the highest quality materials available and hand painted with artist oil paints and stains for a realistic finish. Our replicas are great teaching aids and reference pieces. Whether you are studying the skeletal anatomy of Archaeopteryx or teaching trilobites and other invertebrates to a classroom of students, our replicas can make the job easier and more enjoyable. Our replicas are also a great educational alternative for furnishing your walls at home or in the office. They look great in your office, den, family room, and bath. Or just about anywhere that you want something different.  Since our replicas are hand painted with artist oils and stains, each piece is an original painting.  Our canvas just happens to be in the shape of a fossil.  All of our casts are copyrighted.  Copyright infringements will be pursued legally.

Our clothing items (sold under the Lithocanis™ name) are well made, and selected with the rockhound in mind. Each piece bears the Lithocanis™ trade mark.

We have custom jewelry items made with real fossils. Most pieces are wire wrapped.

If you are looking for fossil sets, look no further. You probably won't find a larger set than ours anywhere. Our larger sets are being used by colleges for course study and by individuals interested in learning about fossils, starting a collection of fossils, or adding to an existing collection.  To see which fossils are in our sets, go to the fossil set section for a current listing of what is in our sets.

We added fluorescent minerals and equipment to our site during 2009/2010.  This seemed like a logical addition since, because of the replacement minerals, some fossils fluoresce.  This line will be expanded as items can be obtained.  This part of the web site is the newest area of the site and will take a while to develop.  Please be patient and check back periodically.  In the mean time enjoy the rest of the site and look for other new items and information.

Originally we thought about telling you each month where we added new items.  Upon further consideration we felt it might be more fun for you to find the new items and information on your own.  We have  enough ideas and items to cover at least the next twelve months and that gives us plenty of time to come up with more specimens and information to add to our current data base as time goes on.  We hope that you will return often and enjoy the treasure hunt as much as we enjoy finding items and information to bring to you.  Happy hunting!

For more information about the company, history and other questions you may have, please visit our Company page.

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